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NOX MB10 Beach Tennis Racket (Glipper Treatment)

€200.00 €290.00

This racket comes with the "Stone" treatment of Glipper from Italy (treatment with artificial sand of small / medium thickness which is rough and gives a considerable grip on the ball).

From the hand of Maraike Biglmaier, World Champion from 2019, comes the new MB10 Luxury.

A racket with a special design that combines the lightness and resistance of the 18K carbon used in its faces with an intermediate density rubber that offers great manageability and an exquisite touch. A racquet suitable for any type of player, with a 100% carbon frame and a thickness of 20mm, manufactured according to "Mara" specifications.

Weight: 335 - 355 g
Profile: 20 mm
Frame: 100% carbon
Core: HR3 Soft Core
Face: Carbon Fiber 18K
Power: 95/100
Control: 95/100

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